Thursday, 3 November 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Anticipation

Type: Mental

Training Category: Tactics

Description: The anticipation attribute defines how well a player is able to read the game. It is their ability to know when and where team mates and opposition players are going to run and where the ball is going to be passed. This attribute can be improved through tactics training, but you will see a player develop this attribute more rapidly through game experience so try to give your players as much game time as possible to see large improvements.

For goalkeepers it is there ability to know when an opposing striker is going to place their shots or where crosses are going to land. Defenders with good anticipation will know where players are going to make runs or where through balls are going to occur, increasing their chances of making an interception and cutting out the danger. Attacking players can see where space is going to open up or when a team mate is going to make a run.

Even though anticipation helps a player know what is going to happen next it doesn't mean they will act upon it or be in the correct position to take advantage of this. They also depend upon other mental attributes such as decisions and positioning to make the most of the opportunities they see before them.

Useful for Position: All.

Works well with: Decisions, Positioning, Off the Ball.

Pro Tip: When scouting for youth prospects a young player with a high anticipation attribute is a reliable indicator that they will develop into a good player, take this attribute into account before signing a player.