Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Aggression

Type: Mental

Training Category: None

Description: The aggression attribute defines how forcefully a player will get stuck in and try to impose themselves upon the opposition, it is closely tied to the bravery attribute. While bravery indicates how likely a player is to get involved in dangerous situations, the aggression attribute will describe how hard they will go into these situations.

Aggression can not be increased through training as it forms part of a players innate personality, but it can be manipulated through player interaction in the form or warnings and fines for violent behaviour.

A football player showing high aggression

Useful for Position: Goalkeepers, Central Defenders, Defensive Midfielders.

Works well with: Marking, Tackling, Bravery, Heading, Strength..

Pro Tip: It is possible to reduce a players aggression attribute if it is too high. If they get sent off, then after the match interact with the player and discipline them for 'dismissal in prior match'. For two yellows or their first red issue a warning, then fine one weeks wages for each red card after that. If you are lucky then player will react and their aggression attribute will have reduced. This method can also have the benefit of improving a players hidden personality attributes such as sportsmanship, dirtiness and temperament.


  1. I watch these games just for the aggression shown by players.

  2. I was just loling at the picture.


  3. Oh, de Jong! Such an entertaining final...

  4. De Jong's not showing aggression, he's showing dirtiness.