Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Stamina

Type: Physical

Training Category: Strength

Description: The stamina attribute defines how quickly the players condition deteriorates during the match, a higher stamina attribute will mean that the players condition will reduce more slowly. A player with high stamina is able to last the whole game and won't need to be substituted.

The condition of a player doesn't just depend upon their stamina attrbute, it also takes into account the game tempo, player's role, determination and work rate. For example a player who is a box to box midfielder with a high work rate is going to have his match condition decline faster than a central defender that sticks to his position so it is vital for this type of player to have a high stamina attribute.

A high stamina attribute can help late in the game

Useful for Position: Wing backs, Wingers, Central Midfielders.

Works well with: Determination, Work Rate, Natural Fitness.

Pro Tip: Having a team with high stamina attributes for its players means they can out last the opposition, try playing with a high tempo and lots of pressing when not in possession. Those extra bits of energy can make all the difference when chasing a game especially in extra time.


  1. I remember back in high school our coach would run us to death... we sucked at pretty much everything except running as a result haha.

  2. Pretty amazing how this game actually manages to engage you, and how it conveys football.

  3. Very insightful. You make it sound like a science!

  4. Great advice, stamina is really important in a soccer game!

  5. Messi is the player that got more stamina today

  6. Massively important, which is why conditioning is massive. If everyone's is in great shape, it's like having a 12th man. That's one of the reasons why I love Mourinho. HALA MADRID!