Monday, 3 October 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Natural Fitness

Type: Physical

Training Category: Strength

Description: Natural Fitness as the name suggests defines how fit a player is as standard, it is the level of fitness they are born with as such this attribute is very difficult to improve through training.

In order to improve natural fitness they player must be young (below 20), you must have a 5 star fitness coach, the strength category in training must be quite intensive and you must have very good training facilities. Even then you can only expect this attribute to increase by one or two points if you are lucky.

High natural fitness is the sign of a born athlete

Natural Fitness is the most important of all the physical attributes. A player with high natural fitness is less likely to get injured and if they are injured they recover more quickly than a player with a low natural fitness attribute.

Natural Fitness works over the long term, recovery after games is faster with players high in this attribute allowing then to player more games over the season before needing a rest and for older players their decline in attributes is slower making it possible to extend their careers.

Useful for Position: All.

Works well with: Stamina, Work Rate, Determination.

Pro Tip: Players with high Natural Fitness can take a more punishing training schedule, try setting an intensive schedule for these players, when combined with high determination and work rate you can see massive improvements. Avoid buying players with a very low value for this attribute they will spend more time on the treatment table than on the pitch.


  1. Great read being fit truly does have its benefits.

  2. Wish I was born with natural fitness... definitely not though haha. Nice post =)

  3. :) nice comment. Natural fitness, well.

  4. Being the pinnacle of Fitness, I would have to agree with you 100%. Yes you are correct. Stamina, Work Rate, Determination. Three of my weakest attributes. Ill try not to make the rest of you inferior by listing my strong ones.

  5. Good post, now if only I had time to turn that game on hahaha.

  6. i love this kind of manager games!

  7. Attribute: Genetic Lottery :P