Thursday, 29 September 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Balance

Type: Physical

Training Category: Aerobic

Description: The balance attribute defines how well a player can stay on their feet with or without the ball, in situations where they are under pressure from the opposition
. It describes how stable they are when turning and jumping and how quickly they recover from changes in direction.

Balance helps players stay on their feet when under pressure

Useful for Position: Wingers, Strikers, Centre Backs.

Works well with: Agility, strength, jumping and dribbling, a player with good balance is able to ride out tackles and challenges when shoulder to shoulder with opposition players especially if the also have good strength.

Pro Tip: Players with high balance and dribbling attributes are good for running with the ball and retaining possession when being challenged, try getting these players to learn the 'run with ball' player preferred moves.


  1. I'll use this information from now on.


  2. Personally, my balance is shit. I can find a way to trip over my own feet while sitting down :(

  3. hup, hup, let's get training!