Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Agility

Type: Physical

Training Category: Aerobic

Description: The agility attribute
 ties in with the other physical attributes to defines how quickly a player can start, stop, turn and change direction especially when a player is running with the ball.

Cones are useful for agility training

Useful for Position: Wingers, Strikers and Goalkeepers.

Works well with: Pace, balance, acceleration and dribbling, a player with high agility is light on their toes and is able to dummy and skip past an opponent.

Pro Tip: Players with high agility are good for finding space especially if they have a high off the ball attribute, look to play killer ball to these players.


  1. Didn't know that agility was a needed stat for goalkeepers :P i mean, does that really matter that much?

  2. Definitely need to be light on your feet to play soccer. Cool train of posts!

  3. I've always been terrible at soccer. Maybe one of those tuts would help me.

  4. Hup, hup, let's get on the field!

  5. Is there no "Give performance enchanting drugs to player" option?

  6. Rapidash used Agility!!!
    Rapidash's speed greatly rose!

  7. hahaha at heddins comment great article