Saturday, 17 September 2011

FM2011 - LLM Beginner Tactics Part 2 - Corners

Now you have your basic tactics setup in place its time to refine it a little bit, lets start with corners. First of all you want you best crosser taking them, these are usually your wingers. I like to have inswinging corners so have you right winger taking the left corners and left winger for right corners. Like in real life you want to get your biggest players in the box that can challenge in the air, this means bringing your centre backs up. See below for the setup I go with.

Football Manager 2011 Corner Tactics

As you can see I aim my corners for the 6 yard box, my centre backs are there annoying the keeper and are big enough to win the aerial challenges, I also have players attacking each of the posts with my best long shot player lurking outside the area. With this setup I am able to get an extra 10-15 goals per season which can make a big difference!

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  1. Nice tips! I hope my team turns out that well.

  2. Interesting. Fantasy Football (American Football) is quite big where I am, but it's interesting to see this version too. I don't play either, but this one looks quite fun.

    Keep up the posts! +1 follower:

  3. cheers man, awesome tactics. will use these and see how my team turns out xD

  4. Nice tactics. Gonna follow your blog. Keep up the good work.

  5. Great stuff, this will help me in my first step towards world domination.

  6. How can I optimize this strategy for more points?