Friday, 30 September 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Jumping

Type: Physical

Training Category: Aerobic

Description: The jumping attribute defines how high a player can jump in the air from a standing start. It is closely tied to the players height, and in general the higher the player's height the higher the jumping attribute. It is important to note even if a short player has a very high jumping attribute they will still struggle to win the ball against tall player with low jumping.

A high jumping attribute helps you win the ball in the air

Useful for Position: Goalkeepers, Centre Backs, Target Men.

Works well with: Heading, Balance, First Touch, a forward player who is good at jumping as well as these other attributes is a good candidate for a target man, try to play long balls in the air to this player and catch teams on the counter attack.

Pro Tip: When taking corners and set pieces aim your crosses to the player with the highest jumping and heading attributes, they can win the ball in the air and get you a few crucial goals over the course of the season.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Balance

Type: Physical

Training Category: Aerobic

Description: The balance attribute defines how well a player can stay on their feet with or without the ball, in situations where they are under pressure from the opposition
. It describes how stable they are when turning and jumping and how quickly they recover from changes in direction.

Balance helps players stay on their feet when under pressure

Useful for Position: Wingers, Strikers, Centre Backs.

Works well with: Agility, strength, jumping and dribbling, a player with good balance is able to ride out tackles and challenges when shoulder to shoulder with opposition players especially if the also have good strength.

Pro Tip: Players with high balance and dribbling attributes are good for running with the ball and retaining possession when being challenged, try getting these players to learn the 'run with ball' player preferred moves.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Agility

Type: Physical

Training Category: Aerobic

Description: The agility attribute
 ties in with the other physical attributes to defines how quickly a player can start, stop, turn and change direction especially when a player is running with the ball.

Cones are useful for agility training

Useful for Position: Wingers, Strikers and Goalkeepers.

Works well with: Pace, balance, acceleration and dribbling, a player with high agility is light on their toes and is able to dummy and skip past an opponent.

Pro Tip: Players with high agility are good for finding space especially if they have a high off the ball attribute, look to play killer ball to these players.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Acceleration

Type: Physical

Training Category: Aerobic

Description: The acceleration attribute defines how quickly a player can get up to their top speed (Pace). It is useful for getting past an opponent or running into space.

Useful for Position: All, especially wingers, full backs and strikers.

Works well with: Pace and Dribbling, a player with high acceleration and pace can be devastating for breaking on the counter attack and beating the back line.

Pro Tip: Look to play through balls to players with high acceleration so they can run into space and onto the ball.

High acceleration get you up to your top speed faster

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

FM2011 - LLM Beginner Tactics Part 3 - Free Kicks

Free kicks are one of the hardest things to get right in Football Manager, Especially with lower league teams. The problem you will have is most of your players technical attributes are too poor to get the ball to fly into the top corner like David Beckham.

The first thing that you want to do is nominate your free kick taker, I usually pick my wingers for this as they usually have the best crossing, technique, long shots and free kick attributes, but if you find another player with better pick them. I then tell them to aim corners to the far post.

You can see below the individual roles I pick for my players, the important ones are the centre backs forward in and around the keeper, one of my centre mids disrupting the wall and another good free kick specialist standing with the taker.

Football Manager 2011 Free Kicks

I find this strategy quite successful, but only expect a few goals per season with this.

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Saturday, 17 September 2011

FM2011 - LLM Beginner Tactics Part 2 - Corners

Now you have your basic tactics setup in place its time to refine it a little bit, lets start with corners. First of all you want you best crosser taking them, these are usually your wingers. I like to have inswinging corners so have you right winger taking the left corners and left winger for right corners. Like in real life you want to get your biggest players in the box that can challenge in the air, this means bringing your centre backs up. See below for the setup I go with.

Football Manager 2011 Corner Tactics

As you can see I aim my corners for the 6 yard box, my centre backs are there annoying the keeper and are big enough to win the aerial challenges, I also have players attacking each of the posts with my best long shot player lurking outside the area. With this setup I am able to get an extra 10-15 goals per season which can make a big difference!

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Monday, 12 September 2011

FM2011 - LLM Beginner Tactics Part 1 - Formation

Today I'm going to talk about tactics for lower league teams. The key to a successful tactic for a poor technical team is to keep it simple, so I always start with a standard 4-4-2 formation:

Football Manager 2011 4-4-2 Formation

I then set one of my central midfielders to a defensive role and the other to attacking. Most of your players will be lacking any decent technical or mental skills so you want them to stick to their positions and roles, this is how I setup my team instructions:

Football Manager 2011 Team Instructions

As you can see I've told my team to play a direct 'hoofball' game with little creative freedom and roaming from positions. This will ensure that your player will be in the right place at the right time more often than not and prevent your oppostion a free run on goal. The idea of playing direct is that your players will not be good on the ball and if they try and play it around the back they are going to make some critical mistakes eventually.

Thats it for now, as I said keep the tactics simple to start with and once your team gets a good understanding of how to play you can start tweaking things here and there. More tactics tips to follow!

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Friday, 9 September 2011

Poll's Closed

The FM2011 poll is now closed and it looks like you guys want some tips about tactics. I'm not going to be here for the next few days, but when I get back I'll give you some info on tactics for lower league teams.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Gold Investment Update

As you might remember I opened a GoldMoney account last month, hoping to invest in silver. In the end I decided to buy some gold as the transaction fees are lower for gold than silver.

My account took a week to authorise, once that was done I deposited £20 as a test, this took 3 days to clear so I bought 0.537 grams of gold at a rate of 36.2100/gg , not much obviously. You also have to take into account the transaction rate of 2.74% and a storage fee of 0.1 gold grams per months.

Now its the start of a new month I currently have 0.437 gold grams left, which is worth £16.57. Even though gold has risen in value during that time I've made a loss from the fees. I am planning of cashing this out before the end of the month before any more storage fess, hopefully with a small profit.

With the fees involved it looks like I will need to invest a couple of orders of magnitude more than £20, to negate the fees in order to make this worth while. I'm still pretty sceptical that gold trading is useful for the small investor, let me know what you think.

Friday, 2 September 2011

FM2011 - League Football!

Finished my third season with Hyde United, top of the league, 103 points, 20 clear of second place. I'm pretty chuffed. Upgrading my training and youth facilities, now its time to stengthen my squad over the summer. Check out the league table below, I'll be giving more FM2011 tips soon but for now I'm just basking in the glory of being Conference Champions!