Tuesday, 23 August 2011

LLM - Assistant Manager

So you're now the proud owner of a lower league club with no money or resources. What is the first thing you do? Sack everybody!

Your starting staff are going to be complete rubbish and you're going to have to build this club from the ground up. The most important staff member you are going to have is the Assistant Manager, he can do everything:
  • Manages your Reserve and Under 18 team.
  • Scout teams and players.
  • Trains your players.
  • Gives you feedback during matches.
  • Much much more.
Your Assistant Manager needs good stats in almost every attribute, now you're not going to get Alex Ferguson so be realistic. After many hours of searching I found Brian Caswell, his stats are all around 10 or so and I think thats the best I'm going to get for a Blue Square North club, he also has some knowledge of a few European countries which can come in handy when scouting players, check him out below.


  1. Nice, I should reinstall FM now! lol

  2. Great tip, I'll try this, thanks

  3. I have never Football Manager but I might look into it.

  4. Gonna keep this in mind if I ever start playing again.

  5. FM, great game. Great advice! +Followed

  6. Looks like a good program, is this an aide for football Manager games?

  7. "Sack everybody".
    Lol, good tip