Thursday, 3 November 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Anticipation

Type: Mental

Training Category: Tactics

Description: The anticipation attribute defines how well a player is able to read the game. It is their ability to know when and where team mates and opposition players are going to run and where the ball is going to be passed. This attribute can be improved through tactics training, but you will see a player develop this attribute more rapidly through game experience so try to give your players as much game time as possible to see large improvements.

For goalkeepers it is there ability to know when an opposing striker is going to place their shots or where crosses are going to land. Defenders with good anticipation will know where players are going to make runs or where through balls are going to occur, increasing their chances of making an interception and cutting out the danger. Attacking players can see where space is going to open up or when a team mate is going to make a run.

Even though anticipation helps a player know what is going to happen next it doesn't mean they will act upon it or be in the correct position to take advantage of this. They also depend upon other mental attributes such as decisions and positioning to make the most of the opportunities they see before them.

Useful for Position: All.

Works well with: Decisions, Positioning, Off the Ball.

Pro Tip: When scouting for youth prospects a young player with a high anticipation attribute is a reliable indicator that they will develop into a good player, take this attribute into account before signing a player.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Aggression

Type: Mental

Training Category: None

Description: The aggression attribute defines how forcefully a player will get stuck in and try to impose themselves upon the opposition, it is closely tied to the bravery attribute. While bravery indicates how likely a player is to get involved in dangerous situations, the aggression attribute will describe how hard they will go into these situations.

Aggression can not be increased through training as it forms part of a players innate personality, but it can be manipulated through player interaction in the form or warnings and fines for violent behaviour.

A football player showing high aggression

Useful for Position: Goalkeepers, Central Defenders, Defensive Midfielders.

Works well with: Marking, Tackling, Bravery, Heading, Strength..

Pro Tip: It is possible to reduce a players aggression attribute if it is too high. If they get sent off, then after the match interact with the player and discipline them for 'dismissal in prior match'. For two yellows or their first red issue a warning, then fine one weeks wages for each red card after that. If you are lucky then player will react and their aggression attribute will have reduced. This method can also have the benefit of improving a players hidden personality attributes such as sportsmanship, dirtiness and temperament.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Strength

Type: Physical

Training Category: Strength

Description: The strength attribute defines how strong a player is and how they are able to impose themselves on the opposition. The strength attribute works relative to the other players on the pitch, when challenging each other for the ball on the floor and in the air. When players are in possession it will help them shield the ball and force themselves past an opponent more effectively and stay on their feet when being tackled.

The strength attribute is highly correlated with the players height and weight, a tall heavy player will naturally be stronger than a short skinny one. As such the players weight and height will place a limit on the maximum strength a player will be able to achieve through training. 
Strength will improve naturally over time as a young player matures, you will see that players under 20 can have their strength attribute increase 3-5 points per season, as such strength is probably the easiest of physical attributes to increase for younger players.

Strength attribute helps players ride challenges

The strength attribute also has an influence on how much power a player can get in their passes, long shot and throw ins. It can be useful for defensive players getting distance on their clearance and allow forward players to smash the ball into the back of the net.

Useful for Position: Goalkeepers, Central Defenders, Defensive Midfielders, Target Men.

Works well with: Tackling, Marking, Jumping, Balance, Aggression, Bravery.

Pro Tip: Try getting defensive players with high strength but poor tackling to learn the Stay On Feet When Tackling Player Preferred Move. They may not have the technical tackling ability to win the ball from the opposition player but hey can hassle and bully them into eventually making a mistake.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Stamina

Type: Physical

Training Category: Strength

Description: The stamina attribute defines how quickly the players condition deteriorates during the match, a higher stamina attribute will mean that the players condition will reduce more slowly. A player with high stamina is able to last the whole game and won't need to be substituted.

The condition of a player doesn't just depend upon their stamina attrbute, it also takes into account the game tempo, player's role, determination and work rate. For example a player who is a box to box midfielder with a high work rate is going to have his match condition decline faster than a central defender that sticks to his position so it is vital for this type of player to have a high stamina attribute.

A high stamina attribute can help late in the game

Useful for Position: Wing backs, Wingers, Central Midfielders.

Works well with: Determination, Work Rate, Natural Fitness.

Pro Tip: Having a team with high stamina attributes for its players means they can out last the opposition, try playing with a high tempo and lots of pressing when not in possession. Those extra bits of energy can make all the difference when chasing a game especially in extra time.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Pace

Type: Physical

Training Category: Aerobic

Description: The pace attribute defines the players top speed as opposed to acceleration which is how quickly they can reach their top speed. Players running with the ball will be slightly slower than players running without it. Pace can be improved through Aerobic training and the Quickness individual training focus, which also includes acceleration.

High pace means a player can outrun the opposition

Players with a high pace attribute will be able to outrun slower players allowing them to get to the ball first or get past an opposition player. A team full of players with high pace can dominate a slower team, they will be able to get to loose balls first and if they lose possession are able to recover their defensive positions more quickly.

Useful for Position: Wing backs, Wingers, Strikers.

Works well with: Acceleration, Agility, Dribbling.

Pro Tip: If you have a player that is high in pace and acceleration try getting them to learn the Knocks Ball Past Opponent Player Preferred Move. They will be able to get past their man and retain possession, even if the opposition player has a head start. 

Monday, 3 October 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Natural Fitness

Type: Physical

Training Category: Strength

Description: Natural Fitness as the name suggests defines how fit a player is as standard, it is the level of fitness they are born with as such this attribute is very difficult to improve through training.

In order to improve natural fitness they player must be young (below 20), you must have a 5 star fitness coach, the strength category in training must be quite intensive and you must have very good training facilities. Even then you can only expect this attribute to increase by one or two points if you are lucky.

High natural fitness is the sign of a born athlete

Natural Fitness is the most important of all the physical attributes. A player with high natural fitness is less likely to get injured and if they are injured they recover more quickly than a player with a low natural fitness attribute.

Natural Fitness works over the long term, recovery after games is faster with players high in this attribute allowing then to player more games over the season before needing a rest and for older players their decline in attributes is slower making it possible to extend their careers.

Useful for Position: All.

Works well with: Stamina, Work Rate, Determination.

Pro Tip: Players with high Natural Fitness can take a more punishing training schedule, try setting an intensive schedule for these players, when combined with high determination and work rate you can see massive improvements. Avoid buying players with a very low value for this attribute they will spend more time on the treatment table than on the pitch.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Jumping

Type: Physical

Training Category: Aerobic

Description: The jumping attribute defines how high a player can jump in the air from a standing start. It is closely tied to the players height, and in general the higher the player's height the higher the jumping attribute. It is important to note even if a short player has a very high jumping attribute they will still struggle to win the ball against tall player with low jumping.

A high jumping attribute helps you win the ball in the air

Useful for Position: Goalkeepers, Centre Backs, Target Men.

Works well with: Heading, Balance, First Touch, a forward player who is good at jumping as well as these other attributes is a good candidate for a target man, try to play long balls in the air to this player and catch teams on the counter attack.

Pro Tip: When taking corners and set pieces aim your crosses to the player with the highest jumping and heading attributes, they can win the ball in the air and get you a few crucial goals over the course of the season.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Football Manager 2011 - Attribute: Balance

Type: Physical

Training Category: Aerobic

Description: The balance attribute defines how well a player can stay on their feet with or without the ball, in situations where they are under pressure from the opposition
. It describes how stable they are when turning and jumping and how quickly they recover from changes in direction.

Balance helps players stay on their feet when under pressure

Useful for Position: Wingers, Strikers, Centre Backs.

Works well with: Agility, strength, jumping and dribbling, a player with good balance is able to ride out tackles and challenges when shoulder to shoulder with opposition players especially if the also have good strength.

Pro Tip: Players with high balance and dribbling attributes are good for running with the ball and retaining possession when being challenged, try getting these players to learn the 'run with ball' player preferred moves.